4 Things To Consider Before You Start Renovating

17 September 2015
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If you are about to get started on home renovations, there are some things to consider first. With home renovations, you might need to involve the local building office if it will be an extensive project. You may also need help from professional contractors at some point, so don't assume you can handle it all on your own. Here are some things to think about before you get started.

You May Need Permits

Not all renovations require a building permit, but you should check with your local permit office before you make plans. The last thing you want to do is add an extra room to your home only to find out it requires a permit. If this happens, you might be instructed to tear it down or pay very high penalties for building it without the proper authorization. In general, extensive construction requires a permit, such as adding on a room, tearing down a load-bearing wall, or doing extensive wiring and plumbing work. It is best to find out about the permits beforehand.

Make Sure Your Home is Vacated

Unless you are doing a quick renovation project that is done in less than a day, such as installing new flooring, it is best to have your family vacate the home. Renovations can be dangerous for children and pets to be around. Not only does it get bothersome, but you might have dust and debris filling the air, nails and screws that put them at risk, or heavy construction equipment that shouldn't be played with. If you can't vacate the home while construction is being done, work in just one small area at a time and make sure everyone stays out of this area.

Be Careful of Electrical and Plumbing

If you are tearing down a wall, you need to be very careful about the electrical wiring and plumbing system. While it might seem like fun just going at it with a sledgehammer, hitting plumbing could mean some expensive repairs. For projects like this, it is best to get help from a contractor or at last investigate where the wiring and plumbing is. This ensures you don't accidentally hit something you shouldn't.

Rent a Roll off Dumpster

Most home renovations leave you with a lot of materials that you pulled up or tore down. Some materials might be recyclable, but others are too damaged and need to be thrown out. Unless you have a large dumpster in your community, you will need to rent one. A roll off dumpster is placed in front of your home, allowing you to dispose of all the waste during the project. It is then picked up and brought to the local dump when you're finished.