Tips To Keep Your Garbage Bin's Odor Under Control

13 September 2015
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Getting rid of your home's garbage can be an unpleasant task, but it is essential for keeping your house sanitary. Over time, your garbage bin is likely to develop foul odors that can make it a target for pests and insects. For those who are unsure of the steps needed to prevent the garbage bin from becoming vile, there are a couple of tips that can be followed to ensure that your garbage bin stays as clean as possible. 

Clean The Garbage Bin With Vinegar

One of the best ways to keep your garbage bin from developing a foul odor is to make sure to clean it on a regular basis. Ideally, you will want to clean it after each time it is emptied by the garbage disposal company. However, you should generally avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals because they may damage the plastic or metal used in your garbage bin. 

A great option for safely cleaning your garbage bin is to use vinegar mixed with water. The vinegar will help to sanitize the bin while also removing much of the odor. Depending on the size of your garbage bin, you may need to use an entire bottle of vinegar for this task, and you should make sure to leave it in the garbage bin for several minutes before rinsing it out. 

Use Garbage Bin Liners And Baking Soda

In addition to regularly cleaning the garbage bin, you can also use a garbage bin liner to help prevent fluids and other debris from leaking out of garbage bags into the bottom of the bin. These liners are made of thick plastic that will be able to resist most punctures. 

Unfortunately, it will be possible for extremely sharp objects to puncture the liner. Luckily, you can help minimize the amount of fluid that collects in the bottom of the bin by adding baking soda to it. The baking soda will absorb these fluids and neutralize the smell. If you decide to use baking soda for this purpose, you should never miss a cleaning after the bin has been emptied. Allowing the wet baking soda to dry in the bin will cause it to become stuck and extremely difficult and unpleasant to remove. 

Ensuring that your garbage bin stays clean is important for preventing it from being vandalized by insects and other pests. By using vinegar to clean it and baking soda to deodorize it, you can avoid some of the worst odors that your garbage bin can produce. For more tips, speak directly with professionals like B-P Trucking Inc.